Thinking about outsourcing your social media management? Here are the benefits.

Thinking about outsourcing your social media management? Here are the benefits.

In the current economic climate, and particularly in the highly competitive Australian Care Sector, service providers of all sizes are asking themselves where social media fits as part of their overall marketing plan, and how best to staff their social media needs.

“Community building” is the cornerstone of successful social media marketing, and care providers in particular benefit from the opportunity to display their professionalism, approachability and culture that social media allows. When used effectively, social media marketing to an extent has replaced both PR companies and “the grapevine.” It is the digital “word of mouth” and a fantastic way to build a business.

Smaller care providers often consider managing their social media themselves. Larger providers often leave social management to their in-house marketing departments or appoint a specific employee to manage their social media marketing. Both options are valid, however we are finding that an increasing number of clients make the decision to outsource their social media management altogether – and here’s why:


Social media is a rapidly changing world, and platform changes comes out daily. Staying on top of best practices and upcoming changes is critical to making sure your company is taking advantage of opportunities for your brand as well as maintaining a professional appearance.

There’s quite an array of tools in terms of design, research, content, scheduling and reporting designed specifically for managing social media activities. An outsourced social media management company will be well versed with the available tools and be able to custom-tailor a selection that fits your business’ goals efficiently & with expertise.

It is cost effective

It costs money to put someone on as an employee. Beyond the on-paper costs of a salary, you have benefits such as leave, super, training, hardware & software to add to the budgeting mix.

Bringing on a social media management company is a solution that keeps your public image updated, engaged and professional, without your existing team taking a hit to productivity.

With an outsourced solution, you will get an expert, with all the tools and no hidden expenses that is scalable and flexible to your needs.

A new perspective

Outsourcing social media management can bring insights to your business that you wouldn’t discover when managing things in-house.

An outsourced manager can draw on experience with other clients and may be able to point out opportunities or find solutions that your brand might have otherwise missed.

The aim of social media is to create and develop new connections. An experienced outsourced social media manager can remove themselves from the internal intricacies of a business, and provide a fresh, unique perspective to the world at large.

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Kathy Bellingham

Kathy Bellingham is a Design & Marketing Specialist with CareCREATIVE. To contact Kathy, about gettting your logo designed or updated please call 1300 09 09 55 or email info@carecreative.com.au

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