The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds

I’m a photographer (see above) and a marketer. When someone talks to me about the “Rule of Thirds”, I smile and ask for clarification. There is more than one “Rule of Thirds”

When it pertains to photography, the “Rule of Thirds” is where you divide an image into three sections, either vertically or horizontally, and put the subject of the image in one of the thirds. It’s pleasing to the eye, has a lovely optical balance and allows the eye to focus on the intended focal point without distraction.

In social media speak, there is another "rule of thirds"

The rule of thirds tells you exactly what to share on social media and how often. It takes the guesswork out of posting and engages your audience. It’s a guideline, not a mathematical formula. The point is to balance your social posts so that they aren’t all about you. Posts fall into three categories:

  • One-third should promote your business, drive sales, and create profit.
  • One-third should share ideas, case studies, and best practice of other leaders and businesses that will benefit your audience.
  • One-third should engage with your audience on a personal/emotive level

Often businesses focus their posts on self-promotion that is sales driven and miss out on opportunities to engage with their audience and build long-term relationships.

You want credibility in your posting

Sharing industry relevant information will validate confidence and demonstrate to your audience that you’re engaged and involved in the sector. It also builds goodwill. If you share content from others in your field, chances are that they will reciprocate and share your content with their audiences. It’s a win/win situation.

Engagement with your audience is your opportunity to build a sense of community via social media. It’s based on personal interactions and humanises your business. It proves to your audience that you are listening to them and value them. It is the ideal way to show we care.

my concluding thought?

Use both of the “Rule of Thirds” when posting on social media. Not only is variety the spice of life, an awesome image with 2/3 negative space is just as memorable!

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Kathy Bellingham

Kathy Bellingham is a Design & Marketing Specialist with CareCREATIVE. To contact Kathy and talk about marketing please call 1300 09 09 55 or email info@carecreative.com.au and

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