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Your Creative Partner in Health Care Marketing

Care Creative is a niche digital marketing agency specialising in Health Care, Aged Care, Disability Care, and Child Care industries. Having worked in these areas for close to a decade, we not only have intimate knowledge of how these industries run, we know the audiences and how to reach them.

This means our Health Care Digital Marketing Agency can target niche audiences to make sure you’re reaching the right people. While we specialise in these industries, we’re able to help anyone! Over the years we’ve also worked with real estate agents, banks, builders, travel agencies, and hospitals to name a few. We are here to help put your mind at ease and allow you to focus your energy on other areas of your business that require your attention.

Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Department

Creative Digital Marketing Agency for Health Care Industries

Care Creative offer a wide range of Digital Marketing solutions for our Health Care Industry clients around Australia. Working closely with Health Care Industries, we have built a great understanding of the audiences that interact with these industries, and because of this knowledge, we are able to improve sales, traffic, and brand awareness. This is done on a range of platforms from Google Ads to Social Media, and of course through Search Engine Optimisation. In today’s competitive digital world, it’s important that all these platforms work in unison to promote your business, spread your message, and improve conversions. After we meet for the first time, we will create a Digital Strategy customised to your business that will perfectly capture your desired audience and work within the budget limitations you set.

Curious to know how our Digital Strategy can benefit your business? Get in touch!

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Health Care Industry Marketing Plans

Business Analysis, Brand Analysis & Promotional Plans

How does your brand compare to your competition? What are the best avenues for maximising your budget? Does your brand clearly portray your message?

After our initial interaction, we will do a deep dive into your business to understand what your current practices are, whether they are the best option for you, whether your brand is working for or against you, and whether you could increase conversions without increasing your budget. This means we have to gain intimate knowledge of your company and act as the marketing department for you and your business.

We want to be able to represent you in the light you wish to be and can do this simply by asking the right questions. Once we understand your business, our Aged Care Digital Marketing team will create a tailored Marketing plan that works within your budget.

Let us help you reach your goals!

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Advertising Solutions

Which Advertising Medium is Best For Your Business?

When it comes to getting your brand in front of the right audience, it’s important to make sure you choose the right medium to reach your potential clients. For example, is your audience predominately seniors? If they are, then you would look at more traditional advertising methods, which include TV, Radio, and Print Media. By targeting specific newspapers, AM radio stations, and day TV time slots you can maximise your budget for this audience. If you’re targeting people within the Child Care sector for instance, you would likely be targeting the 30–50-year-old, female market. The best platforms for this market are Social Media and Google Ads.

If you’re targeting a broad local audience, then Outdoor Advertising (Billboards) may be the answer. Each audience is unique and it’s our job to find the best ways to get in front of them for you, within your budget.

At the end of the day, advertising is about getting eyeballs and ears to view or hear your ad as many times as possible within the campaign length. Once we know your goal, target audience, and budget, we are able to come up with a tailored advertising plan to suit your business’s needs.

To get your advertising plan, get in touch with our Aged Care Marketing team today!

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Care Creative offer a Social Media Management package to help keep your Social Media profiles up to date and keep your audience engaged with your brand. Get 2x custom posts a month including artwork, one SEO optimised blog for your website which will also be posted to your accounts and we will setup notifications to let you know when your accounts get messages so you don’t miss any enquiries.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team love helping people fix problems and will provide any advice you require. If you’d like our help with a project, please let us know which area you would like help in so we can have a specialist get in contact with you.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team love helping people fix problems and will give you any advice that you need. If you would like our help with a project please let us know in the form which area you would like help in, so we can have a specialist get in contact with you.

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