Get started on Social media

Get Started on Social media

Have you recently launched a business?  Unsure of where to start on social media and how achieve your goals? There is no time like the present to get started.


Your need to create a “brand” for your business. The good news is that, with the existence of user-friendly platforms and technology currently available, creating  your businesses personality ( or “brand”) is now more affordable and accessible  than ever. It no longer depends on the size or shape of your businesses budget, which is awesome! It’s a level playing field.


Activity on the internet increases every day, and so too, we are seeing a shift in customers’ mindset being redirected from the offline market to the online market. There has never been a better time for your business to build a brand in the digital world. Digital platforms are accessible to all and non-discriminatory in terms of status, position or wealth.

the first steps

The first step? Set up a business page on your social media platform (or platforms) of choice. Make it match the look and feel of your website, logo and other existing marketing collateral.  Once the business page is set up, it is important to post regularly and relevantly.


It’s not the posts that will build your “brand”, it’s the tone and look of your posts. You want to build familiarity and a sense of “belonging” with your customers.  You want them to see and value your opinion and thoughts. You want credibility.

Here’s seven pointers to achieve success

  • Select a “look” and stick to it for all your posts – you want to develop customer recognition
  • Use consistent colours, layout, logo and fonts
  • Images speak louder than words – always include a quality image as well as stimulating text
  • Practice what you preach. If you are a design company, make your posts visually stunning! If you are a service provider, show you care in terms of your subject matter and optimistic outlook.
  • Check for typos and grammar – nothing negates a positive post more than errors
  • Understand your customers problems – and provide solutions
  • Don’t make it all about selling your business – take the opportunity to demonstrate your businesses values, thoughts and beliefs. As a general rule, only every third post should directly be self promoting.
About the Author

Kathy Bellingham

Kathy Bellingham is a Design & Marketing Specialist with CareCREATIVE. To contact Kathy and talk about marketing please call 1300 09 09 55 or email info@carecreative.com.au and

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