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Benefits of Creating a Marketing Plan

Carefully thinking out how you will start creating a marketing plan is vital to the successful expansion and development of any business. How you spend your budget, what parts of your business you will modify, and how you will portray and promote your business should all be taken into account. This cannot be done without knowing your audience back to front, and this is where market research comes in handy. Making sure you know exactly who your audience is, how they act, and where they are located is very important, especially when it comes to advertising. The better you know your audience, the cheaper and more effective your advertising will be.

When creating a marketing plan, you should split it into 3 parts;

How you split your budget across these three areas will vary based on what you are trying to achieve, but in most cases, advertising is where most of the money will go. This is because most businesses have a pretty broad audience, so getting your brand in front of as many people as possible is key. If your audience is relatively niche, then it’s easy to pinpoint the best mediums to use.

If you’re looking for help creating a marketing plan, get in touch. Our expert marketing team will go through every inch of your business and create a marketing plan to best suit your budget.

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What’s Needed Too Create a Marketing Plan?

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What Advertising platforms do you currently use? Have you thought about trying others, but are unsure of which is best for your business? Getting your advertising right the first time is very important. Should it miss the mark you can waste a lot of money. Below we will go through some tips and tricks for each advertising platform.

Advertising on TV

Television for decades was king! Everyone wanted to be on TV and getting a spot was very difficult, however, since the introduction of Digital Advertising and Apps like Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Etc., traditional channels have lost a lot of viewership. That’s not to say TV advertising isn’t a great platform, it’s still a very good option for lots of businesses and should be considered when creating a marketing plan! There are still lots of great programs you can use to target your audience that have large viewership and now with the introduction of niche channels like 9 Honey, 7 Mate, 10 Peach, Etc. you can get a more specific audience. The best part is, because of the loss of large amounts of viewers, TV advertising has become a lot more affordable and spreading your ads across multiple channels is a lot easier.

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Advertising on the Radio

When creating a marketing plan, choosing radio as a channel option is a really good way to get your audience to hear your ad multiple times. Most people who listen to the radio have a favourite station and more often than not will listen to the radio on their commute to and from work. If you know your audience well enough you can target them very well using radio. It’s important to note that your ad needs to be heard a minimum of three times before it sticks and people take notice. This can be achieved by running your ad on the morning, afternoon, or evening commute timeslot. Most people in Australia drive a decent distance to and from work, so you get quite a good amount of time to target them. Targeting commutes also means it is likely your target audience is stuck in traffic twiddling their thumbs, so you know you’ll have their full attention.

Advertising in the Newspaper

Print Media is a sensational way to target people, especially for Aged care and industries that target seniors. Seniors still read the newspaper religiously, so getting your ad in the right publication can very effectively reach the right people. Newspapers aren’t the only option though! You have lots of magazines still being printed with decent readership too. Magazines are a great way to reach niche audiences too. A prime example would be mums and tabloid magazines. If your audience is 25–40-year-old women with kids, then tabloid magazine would be a good option for you. When it comes to print, it’s vital your ad stands out on the page, so use bright colours and imagery that will catch the reader’s attention.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is another fast-growing advertising method. Companies are buying up all the free space they can and this means there are billboards in some great locations. There are two types of billboards, digital and still. Each of the different types has its own benefits. The still billboards will get more eyeballs driving past them over the time of the campaign, whereas digital offers greater vibrancy and often switch between different ads which catch people’s attention. Billboards are also large, which means you can create really great eye-catching designs and get lots of people interested. A prime example of this was Logan Law who put these billboards up, gaining a very large following and allowed them to expand very, very quickly. They were inundated with enquiries after their campaign.

Advertising Online

Digital Advertising is the most popular form of advertising in today’s day and age. This is not only because so many people are on digital devices, but digital advertising gives you amazing metrics to learn from. Not only can you see the age, gender, and location of the users clicking your ads and viewing them, you can see what devices they use, what time of day they saw it, what pages they visited on your site, how long they were on there for, and which page they left from. Because you can get all this information from a campaign, most companies choose to run digital advertising as it helps them get really detailed information on their audiences.

Google Ads allow very detailed targeting down to within 1km of a particular location, whereas Facebook allows you to target by interests, job title, and income level. We prefer to move our clients toward Google Ads as they are flexible and we can narrow down the audience so precisely.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team love helping people fix problems and will provide any advice you require. If you’d like our help with a project, please let us know which area you would like help in so we can have a specialist get in contact with you.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team love helping people fix problems and will give you any advice that you need. If you would like our help with a project please let us know in the form which area you would like help in, so we can have a specialist get in contact with you.

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